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Backend Software Engineer (Industrial AR)

RemotePortugal, Lisboa, LisboaR&D

Job description


Highly motivated, enthusiastic, systematic and creative individuals who thrive on understanding and driving complex innovative projects.

In your daily work you will:

  • Designing, developing and maintaining a platform that supports industrial augmented-reality applications used by factory workers around the world;
  • Revise and improve core architecture to allow easier deployment in cloud and on-premise environments;
  • Collaborate with other team areas in creating innovative, secure and performant solutions for customers deploying robust and scalable industrial solutions;

The purpose of your work is to ensure the successful delivery of projects that are strategically aligned with the company, which contribute to the further development of our innovative industrial AR platform.



* 5+ yr experience in .net backend development;

* Resident in Portugal (tax-residency) and work visa, or wiling to relocate in short term;

* Demonstrable ability to understand and create non-trivial algorithms when needed;

* Experience in designing and integrating with databases (code or schema first) and ETL/ELT;

* Ability in creating maintainable and secure APIs (code and schema first) in REST/gRPC2;

* Ability to identifying and articulating design requirements, design decisions, impacts upstream and downstream;

* Ability to produce maintainable code, following best-practices in monitoring, recovery and observability;

* Experience in devops to support CI/CD of backend components, including dockerfiles, helm, kubernetes, gitlab or azure pipelines;

Preference for experience in one or more of the following:

*Python development (backend, webservices, algorithms);

* ERP and MES systems in industrial scenarios;

* Designing or implementing compilers, transpilers or code-generators;

* Workflow and async development (zeebe or CoreWF);

* Designing CQRS/ES architectures;

* Front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, angular/react/vue and other);

* Developing desktop applications (Electron and Blazor);

* 3D processing and visualization, such as babylon-js, plugin development for 3D software (blender, 3ds max, catia, solidworks)

* AI/ML processing (training/inference);

Job requirements


At KIT-AR you will be a part of a team working towards disrupting the human centered processes in the manufacturing industry.

  • Once-in-a-lifetime experience. What we develop is unique, and we are incredibly excited to make a difference. Your support will be fundamental to accomplish our mission.
  • Growth opportunity. We are a fast-growing team with a need for technical and business experts, with ambitions to grow and flourish.
  • Learning and development. We are working in a cross-disciplinary field within a friendly, collaborative and supporting environment.
  • Work and Life balance. We value the balance between work and play.


KIT-AR is redefining quality assurance in Industry 4.0, being at the forefront of the digitalisation of manufacturing industry. Our tools enable manufacturing teams to reduce errors and waste, with growing impact on worker’s skills, customer’s revenues and global sustainability.
We are an award-winning B2B start-up company with a highly dynamic, international, and multidisciplinary team of experienced entrepreneurs engineers and technicians.
Our team culture is a significant asset that provokes radical and rapid innovation and differentiating benefits like a cutting-edge platform focused on reducing the cost of poor quality in manufacturing.


Please submit your application as soon as possible as we evaluate candidates on an ongoing basis. E-mail us (apply) your curriculum vitae.

If you have any questions or technical difficulties with the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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